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WBL | Whistleblower

Under the EU Directive, companies and public administrations with more than 50 employees have to set up a channel for reporting abuses and infringements and regulate internal procedures for investigating applications and protecting applicants.

RAALS WBL is a powerful solution that enables named or anonymous reports. The software includes a variety of features, including anonymous two-way communication, visual case management, an easy-to-use interface, encrypted data, multiple language options, custom dashboard settings, and many others.

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Raals WBL
Key Features

Our simple yet powerful interface allows whistleblowers to deliver information quickly, case managers gather the necessary data, and resolve cases efficiently, thanks to the power of our platform.

All reports are treated with confidentiality. You can provide a report either as an anonymous user or a full-disclosure user.

Predictive Analytics and investigation of cases. 

Different user roles, such as administrator, anonymous user, or case manager, are used to manage.

Proceeding reports with the help of powerful analytics in real-time.

Configured to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive, ISO 27001 certification, and GDPR code of conduct.

Help protect your company or organization by detecting issues before they turn into economic damage. Our safe, easy to use and complete whistleblowing system preserves your anonymity and allows you to communicate with the reporter in the most secure and confidential way.​

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