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WBL | Whistleblower

In alignment with the EU Directive, organizations, both public administrations and companies employing more than 50 individuals, are obligated to establish a dedicated reporting channel. Additionally, they must formalize internal protocols for investigating reports and safeguarding whistleblowers.

Whistleblower software serves as a valuable resource, benefiting not only organizations driven by legal obligations but also those recognizing the critical need for establishing a transparent and secure space for employees and stakeholders to report potential misconduct. This commitment ensures accountability and upholds ethical standards within organizations, fostering a culture of integrity and responsibility. These initiatives yield benefits that extend beyond the organization, positively impacting the broader community.

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Raals WBL
Key Features

The RAALS Whistleblower (WB) solution is a robust tool that facilitates both named and anonymous reporting. Effective reporting mechanisms thrive in environments that cultivate a culture of integrity and promote awareness of internal misconduct. Instilling confidence in employees regarding the reporting process and the subsequent investigation of reports is paramount. Utilizing the WB program assures you of several key benefits.

All reports are treated with confidentiality. You can provide a report either as an anonymous user or a full-disclosure user.

Predictive Analytics and investigation of cases. 

Different user roles, such as administrator, anonymous user, or case manager, are used to manage.

Proceeding reports with the help of powerful analytics in real-time.

Configured to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive, ISO 27001 certification, and GDPR code of conduct.

Help protect your company or organization by detecting issues before they turn into economic damage. Our safe, easy to use and complete whistleblowing system preserves your anonymity and allows you to communicate with the reporter in the most secure and confidential way.​

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