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RIF | Raals Image Forensics module

We are living in the era of a fast past life. Competition in the insurance sector is getting tougher and companies are fighting for clients by accelerating the claim process.  They developed mobile claims processing functionality, where policyholders receive a payout on the policy by uploading or sending a photo. Claims are processed faster, and the money arrives quickly.  Policyholders love the mobile claims processing functionality, but it comes with great risk for the insurance companies.  

Therefore, we developed the RIF-RAALS IMAGE FORENSICS module for investigating image-related fraud.



Raals RIF
Key Features

RIF searches trough your database of all uploaded images

RIF gives you percentual similarity of new photo compared to other uploaded images

RIF determines originality of the photo

RIF collects metadata of a particular image

RIF is a game-changer in image forensics.

It will help you detect doubled or altered photos within your database. Furthermore, it helps not only detect, but also manage and monitor fraud in real-time. The most important aspect of RIF is the exceptionally high accuracy rate with which it identifies a high likelihood of potential risk. 

Your company can expect a significant reduction in administrative examinations and perform benchmarks with the pre-installation time period.

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