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Anti-money laundering

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system analyses customer data and detects suspicious actions. Cutting-edge technology fights financial crime, reduces the cost of compliance, and increases the profitability of sector lending businesses.


AML solutions are being considered as the key IT solutions in enterprises. RAALS can help you identify potential incidents and prevent you from affecting the organizational workflow in the meantime. It analyses and compares data from various data sources like an official (EU, UN, OPAC, HM Treasury,...) and internal lists, then finds trends and patterns. When there are deviations from normal behavior, it raises an alarm. The software prevents, detects, and manages inconsistencies and illegal practices, all in one single platform. Flexibility is enabling users to make and adjust the relevant indicators by themselves, according to current needs and market trends, to achieve maximum accuracy. RAALS is therefore both extremely powerful and user-friendly, which can’t be taken for granted when talking about advanced software solutions. 

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Procurement is, like any other business process, containing loads of data. You have to use them wisely, if you want to prevent fraud, manage supply risk, improve sourcing costs, achieve organizational efficiency and agility, or rely on them in the decision-making process. Predictive analytics increases their bottom line and creates a competitive advantage.

With the deployment of the RAALS solution, you can achieve the highest level of efficient fraud scheme detection, revenue leakage detection, and a substantial reduction in operating costs and administrative burden. Supplier’s risk can be, for example, improved with help of the OSINT feature. OSINT looks for information from external sources like social media, news, etc. Your supplier’s name can be associated with scandal, natural disaster, or bankruptcy. RAALS will continuously update your supplier’s risk profile accordingly. Consequently, you achieve rapid and effective reaction time. Our innovative solutions are moving the boundaries of standards in analytics and allow real-time information processing. With the RAALS solution, compliance effectiveness can be increased while the cost of compliance is reduced. In addition, our solution enables a coordinated and cross-organizational approach to risk management. Business complexity, along with increased regulatory and market scrutiny, is driving procurement processes to adopt efficient fraud detection solutions. 


RAALS manages your organization’s risk management and procurement strategy by reducing the cost, effort, and risk of managing suppliers. We can help your company mitigate price manipulations, briberies, kickbacks, etc. through the risk assessment of the Procurement function, identifying unusual relationships in non-financial data. It can help you address the risk of pilferage from the books and records, conduct effective due diligence on business partners, check the background of key business partners (suppliers, transporters, third parties, etc.) and be compliant with international and anti-bribery regulations. RAALS includes the establishment of effective processes to identify and monitor grey market diversion, monitor your channel, report and look for unexplained sales spikes, atypical customers, etc., with an automatic alert. Misuse of advertisement and marketing, like advertising, spending, discount coupons, promotional items, spends on marketing events, … can also be identified and monitored. Furthermore, RAALS prevents theft of confidential customer data or supplier details and the company's Intellectual Property (IP) related to new product launches or product development. 

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Retail and Utility

We can help in the Retail and Utility sector with capturing, processing, and analyzing a large amount of data by implementing effective tools to capture, process, and analyze them. With RAALS you can actively monitor the development within the organization, establish an automatization for evaluating processes and help prevent employee error. It will not only help you discover anomalies but also investigate and visualize them - including the potential development of social networks. 360° view of the employees, suppliers, business partners, third parties, and customers are enabling transparency of people involved. Modules also detect when any third party is not performing as expected, which prevents potential enormous costs. RAALS contains a risk assessment of the procurement function and supply chain integrity management. Merging old cases with new, assets the current state of anti-fraud controls. Our overall tool will therefore help analyze the data, gain useful insights, enforce organizational policies, protect the brand name and reduce overall costs. 

Risk assessment 

Risk assessment solution enables efficiently analyzing and assessing clients’ preferences and needs, as well as their behavior. By efficient analysis of potential clients, RAALS enables easily and efficiently applying of the new clients and at the same time perform better pricing on new products within a healthy client portfolio. With Key Risk and Key Fraud control points set in place, and a powerful investigation tool with powerful visualization and analytical capabilities solution enables to perform efficient client monitoring and service delivery.

Risk assessment solution consists of the following modules:

  • Onboarding - by automatically checking all the available data of the potential client, RAALS analyzes and reviews the customer behavior in order to successfully provide the risk results in an onboarding process.

  • The monitoring module supports the client portfolio risk analysis and provides an accurate evaluation and risk monitoring of each client's behavior and determines any potentially suspicious activities.

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Risk Assessment
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Real-time Transaction monitoring

With our powerful automated transaction monitoring engine, you can provide real-time fraud protection to your clients, while opening new revenue streams for your business.

Transaction monitoring is a process that analyzes transactions and identifies any potential fraud. It is a powerful automated engine that protects you and your clients from suspicious transactions across all payment types and channels, mitigates risks, and maintains regulatory compliance.

The process of transaction monitoring can be divided into two parts:


  • Transaction data analysis: analyzing the data from the transactions and identifying any suspicious patterns.

  • Transaction investigation: investigating any suspicious patterns identified in the first step and taking necessary actions.

Transaction monitoring
Customer monitoring

The system scans the in-bound payments (e.g. payment of premiums, purchase of mutual funds, stocks, etc.) and outbound payments (e.g. payment of claims, payment of life insurance), while also carrying out screening of existing and potential customers. For all inbound/outbound payments and verification of existing/potential clients system will do a check with lists provided by a client. These lists can contain politically exposed persons,  potential terrorist-related persons,  sanction lists, and other lists provided by the company and selected as necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce business risk.

The system will distribute results in three categories:


  • "no risk" - transactions and customers (potential and existing) do not pose risks for the prevention of money laundering or corruption;

  • "Potential" -  the system detects by checking the list of the potential risks of money laundering or corruption. The system will then allow further testing of transactions or clients in FROPS-AML (module for the investigation). If the investigator with a high probability concluded that the transaction or client is an example of money laundering or corruption it will be transferred to the case management. This enables the company to monitor cases of money laundering or corruption in a form that is common for regulators and government bodies, and also allows to review the status of cases of money laundering or corruption for various types of reports.

  • "definite threat" - an example of transactions or clients, where the system has found a high correlation with the lists used for the prevention of money laundering or corruption. All of these examples will be automatically transferred to the system for monitoring cases ("case management").

Customer monitoring
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 Audio-video analyses 

Live Media Stat (LMS) provides media monitoring, competitive advantage, insight into trends, and a general perception of the integrated information space to corporate, marketing, and advertising environments. It exploits internal audio-video ads for deeper insight analysis, as well as competitors'. Therefore, the main purpose is to monitor different media operators and get different information from broadcast channels and programs. It allows the processing and analysis of information in real-time, which leads to an overview of actions with in-depth analysis. The solution tracks the number, density, scope, and content of audio-video marketing messages. It compares these measures against different time dimensions presented visually with graphs. You can quickly see which sections in the advertisement had positive and which negative records on the last day, week, month, year, etc. Market trends can therefore be addressed more effectively and efficiently.


The basis of the technology is the so-called process of conceptual search. This unique technology enables the investigation of vast amounts of data using keywords - the principle of generally known search engines, or the concept of spheres of interest. If, for example, the search string "bank" is used as a keyword, the engine searches for similar keywords within a defined concept. Therefore, all the content that is associated with the concept, e.g. credit cards, mortgages, investment banking legislation, etc. Some words have no direct link to the keyword, so the classic search engines are not able to find a connection.

Health care

Healthcare is, like any other business, collecting massive amounts of data. But traditional tools can’t explore them fully, and analysis takes time. Therefore, the adaption of new technologies and techniques is essential. Technology has essential role in delivering sustainability, consistency, efficiency, and transparency across organizations. Data analytics in the healthcare sector can lower treatment costs, anticipate epidemic breakouts, prevent avoidable illnesses, and enhance the overall quality of life.


The power of RAALS aggregates all the data, internal and external as well as structured and unstructured, and creates a single point of access to all available information, also in form of visual presentation and reporting. On a base of machine learining, RAALS helps you predict behavioral patterns, which could influence the future of healthcare, and classify risk through historical behavior. Once those findings are processed and analyzed using cutting-edge technology, RAALS saves this information and uses it in the next searching and within real-time communicates with players and offers real-time support. The result is a breakthrough in precision and speed. Intuitive navigation reduces the need for end-user training. The visual format allows relationships, trends, and connections in the data to be discovered instantly. Rapid data interpretation enables users to analyze more data than they could in a text format and speeds up the data-driven decision-making process.

health care
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At the point of resolution, Fraud Management is the designated mechanism to detect, manage, and assist in the investigation and prevention of every fraudulent step in a client’s network. Data Fraud Management identifies abnormalities in data traffic patterns and reports suspicious practices that suggest fraudulent or irregular activity. In order to efficiently create a consistent and unique visual interpretation of fraud, fraud management capabilities must include all of the available data and in-depth analysis to combat and uncover new fraud insights. High-performance behavioral analytics is required to examine all actions happening across a network in real time in order to spot abnormalities that may indicate potential fraud. 

RAALS is an extremely powerful and user-friendly tool, enabling users to make and adjust the relevant indicators by themselves. It allows the user to focus strictly on their core business and prevent revenue losses from fraudulent activities before they occur with the implementation of RAALS. 


From the onboarding process onward, fraudsters can run a scam by obtaining and exploiting individual means of verification, including street addresses and passwords. 

An onboarding process is an important part of our fraud risk management solution. Its role is to verify people's IDs and businesses. This step can prevent fraudsters from entering your systems in the first place. 

The Onboarding module is a part of the RAALS Risk assessment solution. By automatically checking all the available data of the potential client, RAALS analyzes and reviews the customer behavior in order to successfully provide the risk results in an onboarding process. 

Using Know Your Customer Verification (KYC) methods during the onboarding process helps you prevent fraudsters from entering your system. The ID verification process identifies anomalies in identity, such as outdated or inconsistent information. 

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Revenue Assurance

Are you in a rush to bring innovative technology and business processes to market? The risk for companies is always evolving, and revenue assurance solutions are constantly falling behind.  

By offering improved insight into risks around operations, revenue, and margins, the Revenue Assurance solution plays an important role as a business facilitator in this growing digital economy. It is a single source of truth that enables businesses to convert into data-driven analytical businesses. 

With the deployment of the RAALS Revenue Assurance solution, you can achieve the highest level of efficient fraud scheme detection and revenue leakage detection. Consequently, more rapid and effective reaction time. Our innovative solutions are pushing the boundaries of standards in analytics and allow real-time information processing. With flexible management of indicators, the client can adjust indicators based on their current needs and market trends and ensure maximum accuracy of the key indicators of performance. 

Revenue Assurance
Data Retention 

Improve your telecommunication’s Active Archives efficiency significantly. You can automate the process of retaining records from various sources for the full time of their retention periods. Many of the records that telecom operators must retain are regulated by rapidly changing legislation. This increases complexity and, consequently, the cost of compliance. RAALS enables your telecom company to set up an automated, straight-forward process for retaining records in accordance with the latest regulations. 


The solution provides: 

  • Data mediation 

  • Data Importing 

  • Reporting by predefined indexes 

  • Data backup 

  • Search audit 


RAALS assists by joining different input sources and providing a legally compliant data retention architecture. It enables structured and comprehensive reporting to meet specific requirements by LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies). In addition, RAALS has an ETSI-compliant interface that allows automated access to the retained data with minimal human intervention, as well as direct communication to governmental agencies. 

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Data Retention
Whistleblowing line

As an employee, supplier or customer you have the opportunity to inform your company about violations of labor, data protection, money laundering, tax or public procurement law, or of a company code of conduct. By using a digital whistleblowing platform you can prevent impending violations, enable a better work environment and direct your business to its full potential. 

Whistleblowers can submit reports via a software tool called Whistleblower. As a result, integrating this reporting system with an existing compliance management system is easy to use. It may also be accessed at any time and from any location, and it serves as a primary point of contact for whistleblowers. Whistleblowers fill out a case report form when they report, which includes critical information about the case. They have the option of leaving their personal information or reporting anonymously. In the latter situation, the reporting system establishes a mailbox where the case manager may contact with the whistleblower without having to reveal their identify. If the compliance manager gets a report, he or she investigates the situation and takes appropriate action. 

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