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Who we are

Salviol is an established growing company with an ambition that is driven by focus and dedication to fraud and risk prevention in different organizations.

As a leading provider of global analytics with a startup background, we are offering big data solutions that provide a unified view of customers’ information and optimize businesses through detection, prevention, and management of fraud and anomalies. Our pioneering technology, combined with our network of globally recognized partners allows us to deliver solutions to industry leaders in numerous sectors ‒ saving them billions annually.   


Our Story

The company has many years of experience with data analytics. Salviol started in 2009 as a reseller of IBM products for data analytics (i2) for South Europe. It soon became the fastest growing partner of i2 worldwide as it supported police agencies, banks, and telco all over Europe. The inflexibility of IBM i2 solutions opened the space for an investigative ecosystem. Salviol realized the opportunity in the fraud and anomaly prevention and detection sector and developed an initial version of FROPS in 2011.  


From FROPS to Whistleblower and now RAALS, Salviol succeeded to grow and has momentarily offices present in the UK, The Netherlands, France, South Africa, and Slovenia. Currently, our products help serving our client’s needs in various markets across Europe - the UK, Nederland, France, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and the globe - South African Republic, Mainland Southeast Asia, etc.   

The company’s work has a broader societal and economic influence. 65% of Salviol’s income is reinvested in Research and development. Our business success enables us to keep innovating, finding technological market solutions, continue expanding internationally, and most importantly promoting a fraud-free society.

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The importance of R&D

Our People

Our innovations scale up thanks to our capable and highly motivated team. The interdisciplinary team’s competencies are the prof of capacity to deliver several projects. We have people with the right set of skills, a positive mindset, and many years of experience. A flexible way of working reflects adaptability to individual clients. 

Robert Jančigaj


Jerca Bizjak


Sašo Slavičič


Dejan Vidovič

VP Sales

Urška Drol

Legal Department

Ula Jaklič

BSU Manager

Maša Gluhar

BS Manager

Tjaša Brajdih

M Manager

Salviol Dev. Group

Salviol Data Scientist Group

Salviol Dev-op Group

Our vision is to keep finding technological market solutions and promote a fraud-free society. 

​It takes time and effort to recover the money stolen by fraudsters and many organizations are never able to do so. 


The presence of anti-fraud controls is associated with reduced fraud losses and a shorter fraud duration. Fraud schemes that occurred at victim organizations that had implemented any anti-fraud controls were significantly less costly and were detected much quicker than frauds at organizations lacking these controls. 

As a leading provider of Fraud, Risk, and Operational Performance Solutions to a number of vertical markets, we can help you with investigative and real-time process support capabilities built upon big data principles and a unified data view of the customer’s information.

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