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RTB | Real-time / batch event suite

RAALS RTB Is a High-speed smart decision engine that uses the RAALS Rule Engine (KFI/KPI) to detect fraud and other inconsistencies and anomalies in real-time in any operational process.


Both the standard KFIs provided by the system and from the investigator or business analyst, are continuously checked in real-time. The decisions from this activity can then be integrated via APIs to provide better information to an automated authorization process (e.g. Online approval) to MFS or a manual process flow (e.g. Customer Service Agent).



Raals RTB
Key Features

Using identified rules and algorythms to support business processes

Operational process taps into RES in realtime

Continuous (regulatory) compliance monitoring

  • Flexible Risk Scoring

  • Fraud Prediction

  • Fraud Detection in RT

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Machine Learning

  • Behavioral Analytics

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