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IDB | Investigating Database

The basis for monitoring within business processes is Data Consolidator that creates a unified and consistent view across all internal and external available data. Data consolidator has in its core ability to extract, process, transform, and load transaction data, from different sources, store and manage the data; correlation of data feeds. This unified data view is connected with public databases, blacklists, and social-network data, which enables users to search among hundreds of international sources, including social media such as Google, Facebook, etc. “Single/Unified View” across multiple, dispersed, disjoints, new, and aging data sets, helps analyze and predict client behaviors and outcomes. It has the ability to analyze the data by application software and present the data in a useful format, such as a graph, table, and chart.



Raals IDB
Key Features

through integrated OSINT enabling near real-time identifying behaviour deviances internally, and also other entities behaviour anomalies

seamless integration of data from different kind of data sources (internal/external)

 a true Single View and Single point of access for all the data (entities, attributes) available in integrated data sources

upload and creation of Blacklists

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