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OCR | Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition technology (optical character recognition, OCR) allows using data from a wide variety of document types. When receiving them, the data structuring is organized, which ensures quick search and processing of data in the company's business systems. 

Security, risk, and anti-fraud issues are of particular importance in the present time. Scanning documents alone is not enough, it is important to analyze these documents, detect anomalies and draw conclusions about the information provided. Therefore, our module OCR is often integrated with other tools based on AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.



How it works?

  1. OCR extracts information from the uploaded text​. 

  2. In the reading process, it categorizes the recognized entities (as people, locations, events, etc.) and links them.

  3. The uploaded document can also be transliterated (transformed from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet and vice-versa) to find potentially hidden connections. 

Raals OCR Key Features

Users have the ability to search across unstructured data including: 

  • word document

  • text files

  • PDF files

  • images

Through this users are able to gain a true Single View and point of access for data required in performing search and analysis. Based on this, RAALS becomes an effective tool that cuts down search times and enables the continuous control monitoring across a wide range of data.   



There is a growing number of customers and partners who utilise the application and this increases the number of available lists of standard datasets. These data sets are provided, in a pre-packaged form, in the Data Sources Library ready for use by our customers. Agility and scalability are at the forefront of RAALS and considered most important when adapting to the existing processes of our users. The services do not disrupt any internal processes as it is able to adapt to existing ones and it includes all the existing data sets within the environment. The solution is focused on delivering excellent results from an unlimited, user defined scope of data. A rapidly growing global network and strong presence across the EU provides us with the ability to rapidly recognize and establish any additional fraud patterns that emerge from different parts of the world. 

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