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AM | Advanced Masking

Data privacy is a grave concern, especially since more and more sensible information is sent in electronic form. Every year, data breaches globally expose countless people’s sensitive data. It causes business organizations to lose millions. Meeting privacy concern objectives internally is manageable. However, once sensitive data is sent either to externals or to the cloud, we lose control over the data, not to mention this process is also time and resource draining. That is why data masking has become an essential technique to protect sensitive data. We can help you deliver your data to the desired destination with data anonymization and full data utility. Masking prevents data from being stolen or misused. It ensures GDPR compliance, local data regulation compliance, consumer regulation compliance and protects you from cyber-attacks. 



We provide industry leading privacy protection and data utility preservation with: 

  • All in one offering; 

  • Easy to deploy and to use solution; 

  • No data leakage; 

  • Strong performance. 

Key Features: 

GDPR compliant data sharing with third parties  

Ability to train machine learning models and run analytics on synthetic data  

Ability to execute machine learning models without seeing the actual data 

Ability to execute external applications within your IT environment without sharing any data 

Data can be encrypted even when “in processing”   

Ability to achieve complete solution within multi-party secured computation scenario  

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