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CM | Case Management

The Case Management module functionalities include processing and managing the cases and presentation of processed data. It also includes the use of forms, integration with e-mail capability automated notification, changing status, etc. Each case has a possibility to attach (upload) different attachments relevant for investigation, as well as a comment (chat) section for investigators. Also, a download option of different documents (charts) is enabled.  

The platform ensures that all investigation processes are locked in the CM module. The case offers complete information on the matter: the person involved, case status, and any case-related documents. The CM module is designed as a flexible platform that supports open standards and provides a high level of integration. This module can be easily integrated with your internal Document Management system. Thus, CM represents a powerful combination of time efficiency needed to keep up the pace of growing paperwork and case management activities.



Raals DCM
Key Features

Automatic or manual case creation

WBL line

Approval processes 

Delegating cases

Attaching files

Internal communicator

Status of cases

case or entity monitoring (white/black lists, data time frame visualisation)

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