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NLP | Natural Language Processing

​In a unique partnership with Zurich Customer Active Management, we provide intelligent automation with the use of advanced analytics. Artificial intelligence is widely applicable. NLP as a branch of AI helps computers understand and interpret human behavior. The majority of today’s data remains unstructured, mostly in the form of text (various documents, emails, messages, comments, etc.). It is hard to manage, automate, and analyze it, as it has no internal structure. Computers already have great capabilities for processing numbers, while information in the form of text remains unexplored. NLP fills this void. It enables processing, understanding, and analyzing substantial amounts of text. Consequently, automation of business operations significantly reduces manual work, increases response time and overall efficiency.



Raals NLP
Key Features



Reading inbound documentation  

Automated response  

Categorization and assignment of content to the right team 

Automatic data extraction 

Large documents insight extraction 

Sentimental text value analysis and Text summarization 

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