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MWR | Mongo Wizard and Reporting module

The MWR stands for Mongo Wizard and Reporting Module. It is an independent module that enables business users in any of the vertical markets in the financial sector to generate new rules for detecting fraudulent behavior without special IT knowledge. The RAALS MWR module effectively closes the gap between the users and the technology, with a clear and immediate effect on business results.

RAALS MWR can be an independent module, but it can also be an add-on to a well-known RAALS solution. Independent, or as a supplementary module to the FROPS solution, RAALS MWR provides complete visibility across all the data within the organization and helps protect company revenue due to stopping fraudulent activities, internal or external, by a highly performing rules engine.

Based on existing data models, through the advanced link wizard, users will create simple or advanced KFIs by themselves.



Raals MWR
Key Features

Facilitate and accelerate the development of key fraud indicators.

The ability to create simple or advanced rules based on existing data models through the advanced link wizard

Values comparison from different entities (e.g., the value of the vehicle is higher than the damage value)

Data divided into segments according to which editing and insight may be restricted in accordance with the system authorities (roles and groups). Therefore, compliance with data protection regulations is assured. 

Results are displayed in real-time for quick usage and further inspection, but they can also be included in daily batches.

Results can be exported at any time into an Excel spreadsheet and used for any kind of reporting requirement

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