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RAALS - an established solution with even more upgrades

RAALS is a highly advanced IT solution and a successor of an already market-established enterprise solution named FROPS.

It enables entrepreneurs to use its data to better understand the business environment and all operational processes to investigate and prevent previously undetected correlations. It also automates the process of retaining records from various sources for the full time of their retention periods following regulators and GDPR as defined.

Our biggest advantage is flexible management of indicators which enables clients to adjust indicators based on what they already have set in their current system, their current needs are based on ever-changing market trends.  
We are offering the implementation of an overall package of several cutting-edge technologies or the implementation of only one segment of our comprehensive modules. 

RAALS suites of steps to perfection

Real-time / batch event suite 

  • Flexible Risk Scoring

  • Fraud Prediction

  • Fraud Detection in RT

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Machine Learning

  • Behavioral Analytics


Case Management

  • Automatic case creation

  • Manual case creation

  • WBL line

  • Approval processes

  • Delegating cases

  • Attaching files

  • Internal communicator

  • Status of cases

  • case or entity monitoring (white/black lists, data time frame visualization)


Investigator Suite

  • Visualization and Interpretation tools

  • Investigate social networks

  • Geographic data presentation

  • Time frame based visualization

  • Search (advanced search, boolean search, MWR) 

  • Key Fraud/Risk Indicator Generator

  • Key Fraud Vector Catalogue


Interactive reports wizard

Generic reports:

  • GEN00001 - Number and values of detected cases by case status

  • GEN00002 - Number and value of detected cases by origin

  • GEN00003 - How many detected cases were the initial triage performed on by origin








Data consolidator

  • Single View across unlimited data sources

  • Links any internal and external data source

  • Unstructured data can be incorporated in view

  • OSINT (Social networks, Google, etc.)

  • Data remains in its original location

  • Audio-video analyses



The open architecture and its advanced technology will give you the ability to use RAALS in many different ways and to address many issues that you are facing, either to fight fraud or to address uncollected revenue, compliance with regulations, and anti-money laundering. It can even be used as a tool for marketing purposes.

RAALS uses deep data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to form useful information. Meaning, from fraud cases, detected in the past, RAALS performs predictive analytics to determine relevant patterns and predict future fraudulent behavior. 

Implementation of RAALS is going to result in a decreased rate of fraud and anomaly, and therefore decreased loss of revenue for a client company in an affordable and user-friendly way. 

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