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In today’s interconnected world, various challenges are encountered by organizations across diverse sectors. These are global issues that necessitate unwavering attention and proactive solutions. Revenue assurance problems revolve around the challenge of ensuring that organizations collect and account for all the revenue they are entitled to.  

In the dynamic world of modern business, enterprises from every corner face pressing revenue assurance challenges. It's more than just about the bottom line; it's about seamless operations, thwarting vulnerabilities, and preserving a reputation of trust in an ever-shifting marketplace.

Revenue Leakage
Identifying and collecting all revenue sources; preventing losses from errors, fraud, or inefficiencies.​

Estimated 1-5% of revenues are typically lost due to leakage across industries.

Data Accuracy
Ensuring accurate records to prevent revenue discrepancies.

Data discrepancies account for 2-4% of financial statement errors in major corporations.

Billing Errors
Minimizing revenue loss with accurate customer billing.

Over 75% of telecom users have reported at least one billing error in the past year.

Fraud Detection
Mitigating unauthorized transactions and fraudulent claims.

  • 5% of revenue lost to fraud each year.

  • 58% of organizations had not recovered any of their losses due to fraud.

Regulatory Risks
Meeting industry regulations to avoid penalties and reputational damage.

Compliance violations have resulted in over $5 billion in fines globally in 2020.

Customer Disputes
Managing disputes, chargebacks, and refunds to maintain trust.

E-commerce businesses face an average chargeback rate of 0.6%.

Contract Compliance
Adhering to agreements to prevent revenue leakage.

Nearly 30% of contract disputes result from non-compliance or misinterpretation.

Budget Oversight
Managing public sector budgets to ensure proper fund usage.

Government agencies report an average of 3% budget overrun annually.

Tax Evasion Detection
Ensuring proper tax payment in government sectors.

Tax evasion results in a loss of over $500 billion annually worldwide.

Data Management
Addressing problems with massive amounts of unstructured data.

80% of enterprise data is unstructured, leading to challenges in analysis and storage.


Our competitive values


Salviol stands as the epitome of prevention in the risk management sector. We transform how discrepancies are predicted, detected, and investigated. The majority of irregularities flagged by our system are confirmed upon deep analysis.

Global Risk Expertise 

Stay updated with Salviol's global insights. Our solutions regularly incorporate over 3000 Key Indicators (KIs) from discrepancies observed internationally. Enhanced by machine learning and deep neural networks, our analysis swiftly pinpoints emerging global risk patterns..

Client-First Excellence

At the core of Salviol's philosophy is an unwavering commitment to our clients. Our services and solutions are molded to meet their unique needs, ensuring satisfaction at every turn. This dedication extends to our support, where we prioritize forging lasting partnerships. Our unwavering support and customer service teams guarantee smooth operations, prompt resolutions, and enduring success for all our partners.

Robust Security Framework

Your data's safety is our paramount concern. Salviol upholds rigorous security standards, reviewed and tested annually. Beyond security, we are committed to data integrity, availability, and compliance with Data Protection Regulations.

Fast Deployment

Full implementation from 3 weeks to 6 months

Save Big

Our clients have saved €25 million in just 6 months.

Flawless Success

We boast a 100% project success rate.

Lasting Partnerships 

Every client who adopted our system is still with us. Trust in our proven solutions.

Experience transformation. Achieve unparalleled success.

Trusted by
millions of users worldwide




 of income

reinvested in R&D​





project success rate

Defend yourself from cybercrime, comply with regulations and reshape your business.

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What our clients love about Salviol's solutions

“Our decision to implement software FROPS and selection of company Salviol was made on the basis of awareness about the growing fraudulent behavior in insurance sector, which results in financial losses and have a multiplier effect.” … “The implementation of FROPS supported the achievement of our goals for establishing services and also highest value to the members of the association directly or indirectly to all insurance customers in the Republic of Serbia, which expect quick claims pay-outs and claim resolvement.” 

Association of Serbian Insurers

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