Data Intelligence Solutions

for Fraud detection and operations management

Fraud happens everywhere. It is a global issue that requires constant attention.
Organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year. With your trust in our Anti-Fraud solutions, you can lower that average, ​
Investigate issues, provide real-time alerts and upgrade your business.

Unfortunately, the larger the scale of the industry, the more likely it is to become the main target of criminal activity. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF) estimates that fraud costs in the insurance sector are as high as $ 80 billion a year.

  •  5% of revenue lost to Fraud each year

  • 58% of organizations had not recovered any of their losses due to fraud​

  • problems with massive amounts of unstructured data 


Our competitive values


Our comprehensive solution can be divided into multiple discrete modules, which are capable of carrying out the task(s) independently. These modules work as basic constructs for the entire software. In this way, you are not limited in your decision-making and can gradually add specific modules or tools, according to your needs at a certain moment.

Global Workflow Knowledge 

A market-leading aspect of our solutions is that regular updates are provided by Salviol. These updates include key fraud indicators, related to new types of risks from internal fraud incidents from across the globe. 

Investigator capabilities

A tool for assisting the investigator, giving him indications, results found, and evidence as much as suggestions for the next step in the process.

Quick implementation 

Salviol product is based on technology and people with high skills that enable it to be implemented in a very quick time.


We promise to adopt the highest level of security and data privacy. All of our solutions and suppliers have to process and fulfill full security requirements from standards implemented, reviewed, and tested annually.

We are providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all processed data and comply with Data Protection Regulations.

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reinvested in R&D​





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Defend yourself from cybercrime, comply with regulations and reshape your business.

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What our clients love about Salviol's solutions

“Our decision to implement software FROPS and selection of company Salviol was made on the basis of awareness about the growing fraudulent behavior in insurance sector, which results in financial losses and have a multiplier effect.” … “The implementation of FROPS supported the achievement of our goals for establishing services and also highest value to the members of the association directly or indirectly to all insurance customers in the Republic of Serbia, which expect quick claims pay-outs and claim resolvement.” 

Association of Serbian Insurers