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Getting serious about public sector fraud prevention

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

In 2013 the UK government estimated that fraud and cyber-crime was costing the UK economy £52bn every year. A new report is due out in late 2015, but without a doubt, this figure has increased. There is more data than ever before, and all of that data is being shared constantly.

The risk for public sector companies is higher than most are aware. More and more employees going mobile, and legacy security systems don’t account for modern work methods and don’t provide the security needed. Even then, the average employee might not understand true cyber security threats, which puts businesses even further at risk. Compliance is key; making compliance easy is crucial.

This is why Salviol products and services offer a full compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. Among others, Salviol offers an out-of-the-box compliance pack, including the most common compliance controls, which are already integrated into the system. Extended experience on legal compliance gives us the opportunity to offer legal support to organizations to prepare the adequate processes and documentation needed to fulfill legal or standard requirements. The answer is simpler than companies might believe.

FROPS: So much power, so much protection, and so easy to get started.

Check out the full report “Keeping shared data in the right hands” on the importance of data security and sharing (page 8) and our full-page advertisement on page 2.

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