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Health care

Healthcare is, like any other business, collecting massive amounts of data. But traditional tools can’t explore them fully, and analysis takes time. Therefore, the adaption of new technologies and techniques is essential. Technology is assumed to a key and enabling role in delivering sustainability, consistency, efficiency, and transparency across organizations. Data analytics in the healthcare sector is exciting. It can lower treatment costs, anticipate epidemic breakouts, prevent avoidable illnesses, and enhance the overall quality of life. To sum up, healthcare will become more efficient, more affordable, and save more lives. Machine learning technology quickly learns patterns from data. As a technology leader, we enable effective definition, management, and monitoring of external and internal environment which is crucial for compliance activities.  RAALS does that with the use of big data, key indicators, and applying artificial intelligence. 

Doctor and Patient

Data security and data fragmentation is a huge problem of the sector.  There are many sources of information, like health records, public records, research studies, … that have no value if we can’t get a unified view over them. The right treatment at the right time can prevent many diseases. For example, blindness or partial sightedness. Up to 98% of sight loss resulting from diabetes can be prevented by early detection and treatment. We prefer preventing over curing. Saving lives, saving labor, saving overall costs. Regarding data security - in 2019 data breaches cost the industry $4 billion. Security, diagnostics, population health, preventative medicine, precision medicine, medical research, cost-cutting, and medical research are all areas that can be addressed. And they will be once data is aggregated, consolidated, and managed properly. When they are converted into meaningful reports, full of critical insights, the industry can keep improving care. 


Key innovations and achievements are combined in industry-leading solution RAALS. The power of RAALS is that it aggregates all the data, internal and external as well as structured and unstructured, and creates a single point of access to all available information about the prospective client, also in form of visual presentation and reporting. RAALS will help you predict behavioral patterns, which could influence the future of healthcare as a service or business and classify risk through historical behavior. Once those findings are processed and analyzed using cutting-edge technology, RAALS saves this information and uses it in the next searching and within real-time communicates with players and offers real-time support. The solution is user-friendly. Intuitive navigation reduces the need for end-user training. The visual format allows relationships, trends, and connections in the data to be discovered instantly. Rapid data interpretation enables users to analyze more data than they could in a text format and speeds up the data-driven decision-making process. The result is a breakthrough in precision and speed. 

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