Fraud Protection for the Insurance Industry

The FROPS platform combines several cutting-edge technologies to provide a break-through in the prediction, prevention, detection and investigation of fraud for the insurance sector. The platform enables companies to use all the information available to them to best effect. This produces an increase in accuracy for risk assessment that translates into a substantial uplift in underwriting profitability. It also enhances customer satisfaction scores.

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Underwriting Fraud

Detecting fraudulent activities even before claim is filed and having
a clear picture of prospective client before they enter your portfolio, raises underwriting profit side by side to claims importance in insurance companies’ processes.

Aggregation of all available sources creates a single point of access
to information about the prospective client. Classifying risk through historical behaviour and with real-time behaviour, FROPS offers insurers real-time support to on boarding business units and effectively trying to avoid high-risk policy holders and accept “good policy holders” faster.

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Claims Fraud Protection

FROPS is the most advanced fraud prevention platform for the insurance sector available today.

FROPS delivers the step-change required in the accuracy, efficiency
and speed with which fraud is predicted, detected and investigated. Simultaneously it enhances the satisfaction levels of policy-holders
and brokers by expanding valid transactions and eliminating potential disputes during the policy lifecycle.

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