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 “ With the implementation of FROPS by the end of 2012 we initially gained additional efficiency.

The biggest advantage of FROPS is that it is an IT tool, which makes once complicated procedures look simple. That has been helping us in investigations a lot. We are able to make analysis much faster; what once took weeks or even months, now occurs in minutes. Even more importantly, we can look at fraud schemes more systematically; check all services; see whether we have a systematic issue, talk to the claims department and marketing department, prepare an initiative with our partners…We have only begun to explore the possibilities. However, they are all taking us upstream.

With the help of FROPS, internal cooperation and educating our employees we were able to increase the number of investigated fraudulent activities for 45% and increased the value for 144%. "

Dejan Jasnič, LL.M., MBA | Director of Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation Office